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Son of a Turk Ch.3
*A/N: Sorry for waiting a year to update... I know I'm a horrible person.. >.>" but the thing is, is that I'm in beauty school and stay there till 7:30pm for three days a week. I'll update when I can though.. Sorry for all of you guys who were looking forward for a new chapter for like a year! Now let's get on with the story! :3*
A couple weeks after that pranking escapade Reno had been assigned to desk duty as ordered by the ever so lovely Tseng and Dillan was banned from the Turk floor till he was 16.. So that means he stayed in daycare with all the other kids. And well Dillan didn't like that because they were all little compared to him..
"This sucks" Dillan huffed pouting as he sat with his arms crossed and as mad as ever. He looked around at all these toddlers and whined because they wouldn't be able to play anything he wanted to do...
"Dill play dollies?" A little brunette girl asked sweetly as she showed him her doll which was dressed and all pretty, most likely a Barbie.
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A Melody of Embers Ch.12
*Disclaimer* I don't own any of the Kingdom hearts or Final Fantasy characters nor do I own the song "you are my sunshine" I only own Lya! So yeah...
A couple months went by and well something's changed a little the members got used to her little quirks and how she acted, while Lya matured a bit into her surrounding and complained a lot less and didn't get upset as much but that all changed today.. Because sick toddlers are never that pleasant.
Lya sniffles as she cuddles into her father.. She was unfortunately sick and well miserable like any child would be. She whined softly as Axel softly petted her head trying to get her to maybe sleep again.. But instead he got coughs and sneezes from the little redhead.
"Well you're definitely sick..." He said with a sigh and scooted her up to his chest and held her there gently as she whined and coughed against him. Axel picked at his memories of what his parents did when he got sick, but that posed as difficult due to the fact he hadn't
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A Melody of Embers Ch.11
Things started to cool down once Lya started getting used to the other members, though sometimes they do make her upset. But other then that Lya mostly stayed in the room or did chores when her father was gone on missions. The little girl often just stayed quiet, but she smiled at some people from time to time, she did feel a little more welcomed but she still felt she didn't belong, well till today when she met.... Him.
“Well aren’t you just the cutest little thing I’ve seen in a while?!” Demyx smiled brightly at her as she held a few toys in her hands to pick up from in the Gray Area. He pinched her cheeks, squishing them in his fingers. “How is a tiny girl like you doing in a gloomy place like this?”
The tiny girl pouted as her cheeks were pinched but giggled as he called her cute and talked to her like she was actually three instead of treating her like a adult. "A bad man did bad things." She cooed to the young man softly then gave a small smile
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Heartless Black Chapter Two Part 2
*Disclaimer* I don't own any of these characters except Lya and my friend owning Angeal Fair. Rest owned by Square Enix and Game Freak.
Lya giggled as they left South Sector Radiant Garden and entered the North Sector which the more crowded area of their city. "Man so much hustle and bustle for it being late at night..." the girl noted as she took a look around smiling at some young children playing with Pokémon that are their pets and the lovely flowers. "Wow this place is busy!" She exclaims with wonder but then feels Angeal led her off but then stop. "Angeal-" but lo and behold before her were the most famous of Gym Leaders.. standing in front of a Pokémon center.
"It's Cloud Strife and Squall Leonhart!" Angeal had an expression of that of admiration and awe. He held his hands over his cheeks. "We have to meet them, Lya! It's a must!"
"What if they think we're losers though!" The young trainer noted shyly, honestly she admired these two greatly, she even had their posters
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The Spikes of Life Chapter 12 Part Two
*Disclaimer* I don't own any of the characters except Jayden Fair and my friend owning Lily Sinclair, rest are owned by Square Enix.
Jayden looked around as him and Lily sat on the train heading down to the slums he then looks to her and smiles sweetly. "Wow she's so pretty.. and cool" he thought to himself happily.
The redhead girl looks to her new friend and smiles back happily then takes his hand gently into her own.
The onyx haired boy then started blushing at this act, girls never usually hold his hand like this... But why did this feel... nice?
From afar as well as disguised both Zack wearing a ponytail and a fake moustache and Reno wearing a hat and fake beard watch their children.
"Okay now that's just adorable." Zack noted as he looked at the two kids with a smile.
"I just hope they don't try anything..." Reno replied a little nervous. "But yeah they're being very cute!"
"What is there to be nervous about?" The raven haired man asked with a small frown. "Their like 5 and 6 Ren
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The Spikes of Life Chapter 12 Part One
*Disclaimer!* I don't own any Final Fantasy VII characters except Jayden, and my friend owning Lily Sinclair. All other characters owned by Square Enix.
A/N: Man I'm really horrible at updating my most popular story, but hopefully I'll get better at updating, and hopefully you will all like Lily. =3
Jayden looked around as he sat bored in the SOLDIER lounge as he waited for his father to finish his mission reports and doing practice missions, he was now 5 years old and can be in the lounge and entertain himself which means he gets to look at men's magazines or exercise... Not so much fun for a kid who will be in school soon, he then looks up to see Cloud. "Hi Cloud!"
Cloud looks over and gives a small smile as he walks over "Hi Jayden, you waiting on Zack?" He asks softly, he is quite the shy young man he then tussles his blonde spikes gently.
"I guess you could say that, daddy has paperwork and to do practice missions. I don't know when he'll be done.." the small child replied pouting
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Heartless Black Chapter Two Part 1
*Disclaimer* I don't own any of the characters except Lya and friend owning Angeal Fair, the rest owned by Square Enix and Game Freak.
It was now after the party and everyone has left while Lya is in her room getting ready for her journey she puts on her favorite shirt with a blue Flabébé on it, along with her pink skirt and aqua sneakers as she places on her pink hat to put her whole outfit together.
"Lya, are you getting ready?" Isa called from downstairs. "I don't want Angeal waiting any longer!"
"I'm all ready mama! Lya notes as she ties a bow on Ember's neck gently then calls her back to her pokéball placing it in her bag quickly as she runs down the stairs meeting up with her parents giving them a smile.
"Ah.. Our baby looks just like a full fledge trainer Isa!" Lea announces all teary eyed..
"Daddy.. don't cry!" The child asks not wanting her father to be so emotional as she leaves for her journey. "I'll be back home before you know it!"
"You say that now, but we'
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Son of a Turk CH.2
*Disclaimer* I don't own any of the characters except Dillan Sinclair and Rex Marlow, rest are owned by Square Enix!
As a new day started Reno toted his little boy around carefully as he walked into the Shinra building ready to start the day and today he had no missions and no paperwork so that either means he can either give Dillan a proper tour of the building or just play pranks, all he knew was he that he's excited to spend the day at work with his son after having a week off work to get used to fatherhood and he had to say he has done a good job so far!
Dillan yawned softly as he rubbed his eyes softly, he had to get up early for this, he looked around the elevator and they went to the Turk floor, today he didn't know what he was gonna do, heck he didn't even know if he can go to school. But it doesn't matter as long as he gets to be with his daddy he'll be happy.
"Are you ready to have some fun little guy?" Reno retorted as he looked to his son with a sweet smile.
"Yeah! I'm alwa
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Heartless Black Chapter One
"No! You can't travel with him Lya!" Lea said as he headed into their kitchen frowning but his daughter continued to persist in her argument as he went on making lunch.
"But daddy he's my best friend! And it's my birthday, I just want to go my journey with him!" Lya pouted as she poked and bothered her father persistently wanting him to give her an answer she actually wanted.
Lea was honestly getting annoyed now by his daughter's poking and small pushes on his back, but still keeping his cool so he won't end up yelling at her on her birthday. He turned around and looked down at the small twelve-year-old before him her emerald-green eyes full of determination and a will that won't budge... Why does she have to be so much like her mother... "Lya sweetheart... I just don't want things... to happen too early for you on your journey, because it'll be just you and him no one else camping out-"
"Daddy! Were best friends! We've known each forever, nothing will happen like kissing! Nope! No kis
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Heartless by Aqua1010 Heartless :iconaqua1010:Aqua1010 2 0 Cubchoo by Aqua1010 Cubchoo :iconaqua1010:Aqua1010 2 0 There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea by Aqua1010 There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea :iconaqua1010:Aqua1010 2 0 Axel: Christmas Present by Aqua1010 Axel: Christmas Present :iconaqua1010:Aqua1010 6 0 Shark by Aqua1010 Shark :iconaqua1010:Aqua1010 0 4
Mature content
A Melody of Embers Ch.10 :iconaqua1010:Aqua1010 2 0
A Melody of Embers Ch.9
After her father had left nothing changed but Lya did fight back as much as she could but finally.. Oscar broke her spirit, saying she was nothing.. That her mother didn't really love her and her father would never come back... Hearing those hurtful words made Lya cry for a long time as Oscar took her into the back, all she was now was his toy but she still kept strong trying to make him stop but he just hit her and tell her to shut her mouth. She hated her life right now, her mother would always ask what was wrong but Lya would say nothing was wrong, Molly could see it in her daughter's eyes that something was wrong and whatever it was, it needed to be stopped now! 
"Hello I'm Molly Fair. I came to see about putting my daughter in your music program." The young woman smiled at the man softly.
“Ah, I see.” The man smiled at her, then crouched down to look at Lya, who held her mother’s hand. “And what instrument would you like to learn, little miss? I have a
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Transformania Battle by sampleguy
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I love being able to use this Zack skin finally! Been waiting for quite a while since I generally miss DA's birthday. XD or did they not do that this year... =o... Meh don't really care. XD 
I hope I can find a Axel and Reno skins to use later, so I can abuse the fact I can use journal skins! XD muhahahahaha! X)


P.S. Isn't Zack just so sexy in this journal skin? Hell yeah he is! ;3

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